How Much Will It Cost to Hire Your Firm to Defend Me Against the Connecticut Criminal Accusations I am Facing?

The fees we charge in Connecticut criminal defense matters depend on a number of factors, some of which are:

  • how serious are the charges against you?
  • how many charges are facing?
  • do you have a criminal record?
  • are you are eligible for a pretrial diversionary program?
  • is the case in state or federal court?
  • is the case likely to go to trial or will it be resolved through some type of pretrial resolution, such as a dismissal because of a violation of your rights or a plea bargain that we negotiate with the prosecution?

We strive to set a fee that is fair and reasonable and that compensates us for our time and talent. We also need to get enough money up front so that we do not have to worry about whether we are going to get paid for efforts. Also, you should know that we tend to charge more than other lawyers or law firms because we are not a high-volume Connecticut criminal defense operation. We take fewer cases than many other lawyers or law firms so that we can focus the appropriate amount of time and energy on your matter.

We suggest you just give us a call at 860-348-1900 and just ask us how much we will charge for your case. There is no charge for such a phone consultation.

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