A Person's Estate Can Recover Compensation for All Economic Damages for Wrongful Death Caused by a Motor Vehicle Accident

In addition to Non-Economic damages, a person's Estate is entitled to receive money damages as compensation for ALL Economic Damages, Losses, and Harms that were suffered—and will be suffered in the future—as a result of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. Here is a partial list of some typical items that are considered Economic Damages arising from a wrongful death motor vehicle accident claim for which an Estate is entitled to compensation. Please note that the following list is in ADDITION TO the Economic Damages listed under the FAQ entitled "You Can Recover Compensation for All Economic Damages and Losses Caused by a Motor Vehicle Accident." So you will probably want to check out that list too.



DESTRUCTION OF EARNING CAPACITY. If your decedent would have probably earned wages, income, or profits at anytime before he or she died, the Estate is entitled to the present value of what those wages would have been, minus taxes that would have paid on those wages, income, or profits. Please note: the issue is NOT how much the decedent was actually earning at the time of death, but rather what that person probably would have earned during his or her lifetime. To determine such amounts, the lawyers on our Auto Accident Law Group would retain the services of a forensic economist with experience in calculating future earning capacities based on typical life expectancies. For example, if the decedent was a college student who had not yet entered the workforce, the economist would make reasonable assumptions based on government and/or actuarial studies to predict how much would have been earned by a typical college graduate in that area of study. Or as another example, if a person was working one job but was likely to get a promotion or raise in the future, we would make sure the economist takes that into account when calculating the value of the lost earning capacity.

DESTRUCTION OF LOST SERVICES. If your decedent spouse contributed to the running of your household in the form of chores, services, or activities, you would be entitled to the economic value of those chores, services, or activities as determined by an economist working with our Auto Accident Law Group.

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