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"I have been a lawyer since 1983. At Advocates Law Firm, we help people injured by auto accident, legal malpractice, or medical malpractice to get justice and compensation; and we help people accused of criminal or professional misconduct to defend their reputations, freedom, and future. I hope you never need lawyers like us. But if you do, our Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers can help. Licensed in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Call or email for a free consultation. Take care."   - Atty. Ron Murphy

Auto Accident - Injury or Death

Auto Accident

Speeding, reckless, and drunk drivers cause serious personal injuries or kill people every day on Connecticut's roads and highways. According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the NHTSA, an average of 343 people die and 4,638 people suffer disabling injuries...
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Medical Malpractice - Injury or Death

Medical Malpractice

“At its best, health care in the United States is superb. Unfortunately, it is often not at its best. Problems in health care quality are serious and extensive; they occur in all delivery systems and financing mechanisms. Americans bear a great burden of harm because of these problems... Learn More

Legal Malpractice - Injury or Loss

Legal Malpractice

If you are injured or suffer some type of loss because of a lawyer's carelessness or negligence, you are entitled to money damages as compensation. Why? Because that's the law. At Advocates Law Firm, we help people with legitimate malpractice claims get justice. Get an Advocate to protect your rights.
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Other Claims - Injury or Death

Other Claims

Whether the injury or death arises from a car accident, trip and fall, defective product, dog bite, or some other type of accident, we have the experience, skills, and resources to pursue the claim and get the job done. Get an Advocate to protect your rights.
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Criminal Defense - State or Federal

Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime, you are entitled to fight the accusations aggressively and insist on all your constitutional rights. Why? Because that is the law. In America, we believe in liberty and justice for all. Get an Advocate to defend your liberty and protect your rights.
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Grievance Defense - Attorneys

Grievance Defense

On average, over one thousand grievance complaints are filed each year against Connecticut lawyers. If you find yourself the target of a grievance complaint, you must now mount a defense because your license, your livelihood, and your reputation are at stake.
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