Injury & Accident Claims FAQs

What Are Attorney Murphy's Qualifications and Background in Handling Injury and Accident Claims?

Attorney Ron Murphy is a 1983 graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law and is the owner and principal trial lawyer of Advocates Law Firm. His practice is devoted exclusively to civil and criminal litigation for people who have either been injured or accused.

He specializes in the areas of Injury, Accident, and Malpractice Claims; Criminal Defense; Grievance Defense; and Complex Litigation. He has successfully tried civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts in Connecticut; and has argued civil and criminal appeals before the Connecticut Supreme Court and the Connecticut Appellate Court. He has also handled claims and cases in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts, where he is also licensed to practice law.

Attorney Murphy is an accomplished and nationally recognized trial lawyer. He is Board Certified as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and has the highest rating available from other lawyers. He is on the faculty of the Trial Lawyers College (based in Jackson, Wyoming) and teaches lawyers from around the country how to get the maximum recovery for injured clients . He is also on the faculty of the Trial Advocacy Institute (sponsored by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and the Connecticut Bar Association), where he teaches civil and criminal trial skills. He is also a former Adjunct Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he taught Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Attorney Murphy has helped thousands of people obtain justice for the injuries and losses they have suffered as a result of otheris negligence and carelessness. Some sample verdicts or settlements include $1,865,000 for a ; young girl in a car hit by a drunk driver; $1,100,000 for the estate of woman whose illness was not properly diagnosed by an emergency room; $800,000 for a 21 year old female passenger in a car accident; $780,000 for a man injured during shoulder surgery; $735,000 for a man injured during a hernia repair; $700,000 for a woman injured in a car accident; $690,000 for a man injured in a factory; $690,000 for a woman injured in a car accident; $500,000 for a company that lost money because of a law firm|s malpractice; $400,000 for an elderly woman hurt in a car accident; $365,000 for a man whose heart attack was not treated properly by ambulance attendants; $250,000 for a young man wrongfully convicted because of his lawyer|s malpractice; $100,000 for a little girl bit by a dog. This is a very short list of sample recoveries obtained for injured clients.

Attorney Murphy is a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College; and a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America; the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association; and the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys. Attorney Murphy is also the author of Medical Malpractice Claims - Connecticut ; Action and Remedies - Tort ; Law, Butterworth Publishing (1993). Attorney Murphy is a Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate; and a former certified Emergency Medical Technician; and has been trained in Accident Reconstruction.

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Will You Charge a Fee or Expenses If There Is No Recovery in My Injury Claim?

We charge no fees or expenses unless we win your claim. In other words, the payment of fees and the reimbursement of expenses is contingent on the outcome. We invest our time and money on your behalf and if for some reason there were no recovery, you would pay us nothing. If we take on your claim, we put not only our time and reputation on the line, but also our own money. That makes us partners with you in the pursuit of justice.

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What Type of Injury Claims Has Your Firm Handled?

We have handled just about every type of injury claim that human beings can suffer.

As long as the injury is real and legitimate, we have the ability and resources to help you get the maximum recovery you can under the circumstances.

Here is a list of some of the types of injury claims that we have handled in the past: wrongful death; paralysis; traumatic brain injury; broken neck, arm, leg, back, wrist, ankle, or foot; torn or ruptured ligaments or tendons; psychological or psychiatric injuries; post traumatic stress disorder; electrical injuries; scarring from accident or surgical wounds; emotional distress from witnessing an accident to loved one; loss of consortium, etc.

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What Is an UnderInsured or UnInsured Motorist (UM) Claim?

If you are injured in a car accident and the driver that caused the accident did not have any or enough insurance, you can make a claim against your own insurance company; and if you were a passenger when you were injured, you can also make a claim against the insurance company that insured the car that you were in.

Why can you make such a claim? Because that is the law! Every car insurance policy in Connecticut requires the insurance company to provide UM benefits. The amount that you can make a claim for depends on the amount of UM coverage on your policy (or on the policy of the car in which you were a passenger).

And you should not feel bad about making such a claim because you every car insurance premium includes a line item for this coverage. Also, making such a claim cannot result in an increase in your future insurance premiums, because you were not responsible for causing the accident.

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Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Make a UM Claim?

No. Insurance companies can increase your rates because of an accident only when that accident is your fault. A UM claim is a claim for damages caused by someone else. Therefore, your insurance company cannot increase your insurance rates just because you make a UM claim.

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Can a Claim Be Made If Someone Has Been Injured By a Dog?

Yes. In Connecticut, a dog owner is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by a dog. We have successfully handled many dog bite and dog knockdown claims for our clients. We have a separate set of Frequently Asked Questions just for Dog Bite claims.

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