Do All People Who Are Eligible For the Connecticut Alcohol Education Program Get the Program?

No. Just because you are eligible for Connecticut's alcohol education program does not mean your application will be granted. Whether an application is granted is up the judge, who can consider many factors, such as your blood alcohol level when you were arrested; whether you have a criminal record; whether you have a bad driving record; the circumstances of your arrest; whether you were charged with other crimes or violations when you were arrested for driving drunk; whether there was an accident with injuries; your attitude about your arrest and the program.

The Judge, in short, has to determine whether you are a suitable and worthy candidate for the program who will successfully complete the program and stay out of trouble in the future. Each person and case is different and there is no guarantee that just because you are eligible your application will be granted. Our job as criminal defense attorneys is to be your advocate and persuade the court that you are a suitable and worthy candidate for the program.