Do I Need a Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer to Get the Alcohol Education Program?

Not necessarily. Some people apply and get the program without a Connecticut criminal defense lawyer. On the other hand, some people just don't want to take a chance of overlooking something or making a mistake, and therefore want an experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyer to represent them. Also, some people would just be too nervous going to court and having to deal with the prosecutor and judge on their own. Besides, an application for the AEP is only one aspect of a Connecticut DUI case. There is also the issue of whether a person should even apply for the program because the police might have made some mistakes or violated your constitutional rights which might require the case to be thrown out of court. Finally, you will also have to deal with a possible suspension of your driver's license by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles through the Administrative Per Se suspension program. If retain Advocates Law Firm to defend you on a DUI charge we also will defend you at the DMV Per Se hearing.