How Much Does the State of Connecticut Charge For the Alcohol Education Program?

To apply for the Connecticut Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program (AEP), you have to pay the court $200, which is broken down as follows: $100 for an application fee; and another $100 for an evaluation fee.

This fee is nonrefundable and must be paid on the day of the application. If your application is denied or withdrawn, you don't get the application fee back.

If your application is granted, then you have to pay an $350.00 to participate in the 10 session program; and $500 to participate in the 15 session program.

Note: not all courts take personal checks, so we recommend that you bring cash and/or a credit card to pay these court costs. Also, bring a photo ID or else the clerk's office will not take anything but cash. The court will sometimes grant a continuance if a person needs more time to pay the participation fee.