If My Connecticut Driver's License Is Suspended, Can I Get a Special Permit to Drive To and From Work?

Yes, if you qualify for a work permit, which the Connecticut DMV calls a "special permit to operate a motor vehicle to and from work."

There is a special Work Permit available to people who qualify that would allow you to drive to and from work, or if you are on the road as a salesperson, to make your calls or deliveries during certain hours. You have to apply for the permit to the DMV. It is not automatically given. there are regulations that apply to such an application pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 14-37a.

To find an official Connecticut DMV application for a work permit, click here:


Our staff from Advocates Law Firm could assist you in applying for the work permit. Work permits are not available for people with a commercial driver's license. If you are granted such a permit, you can only drive to and from work! Let's repeat that because it is important: with a work permit you can only drive to and from work! No exceptions!

If you drive somewhere besides to and from work and get caught, you could be prosecuted for Operating While Under Suspension for a DUI related offense. Want to know what the penalty is for that? A 30 day mandatory minimum jail sentence! So don't drive anywhere except to and from work!

Of course, to drive your car you need to get gas for the car. So don't pay at the pump. Instead, pay for the gas while inside the store and while there pick up a few things. But make sure you do not drive anywhere but to and from work. See the FAQ: "What is the penalty if I drive while my operator's license is under suspension as a result of a Connecticut DUI incident?"