What Are Economic Damages Under Connecticut Medical Malpractice Law When a Person Survives the Medical Malpractice?

In Connecticut, harms, injuries, and losses suffered by a victim of medical malpractice are broken down into two distinct categories, as established by Connecticut General Statutes § 52-527h (a): Economic Damages and Non-economic Damages.

In the context of Connecticut medical malpractice law, the phrase "Economic Damages" means "compensation ... for pecuniary losses including, but not limited to, the cost of reasonable and necessary medical care, rehabilitative services, custodial care and loss of earnings or earning capacity ...." Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h (a). In plain English, this means losses or damages that can be measured in actual dollars. Some examples would include medical bills for past treatment, anticipated medical bills for future treatment, lost wages, estimated future lost wages, lost vacation or sick time, property damage, etc. For additional examples economic losses that fall into this category, see "Examples of Economic Losses and Damages."

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