What Will You Do to Represent My Interests at the Connecticut DMV Per Se License Suspension Hearing?

First, we go to the Connecticut DMV to get the paperwork on your arrest and processing so we can analyze it BEFORE the hearing. (Many lawyers don't bother to do this before the hearing.) Then, we use our years of experience and training to analyze the paperwork to see if there is a technical defect that would increase our chances of winning if the police are not present at the hearing. If there is no such defect, we then subpoena the police officer and usually the record keeper to the hearing so we can question them on the stop, investigation, field sobriety tests, arrest, processing, breath test procedures, and paperwork to determine whether any type of mistake was made that we can use to your benefit to win the hearing. We explore every possible angle and make every good faith argument we can. Also, if necessary, we shall do legal research and writing to persuade the Connecticut DMV hearing officer that your license should be restored.